Summer has left us, and Horizon has gone with it. Autumn is a time of reflection as the year that was begins winding to a close. So it is that I bring a few items of note to our readers.

We here at Classy are still undecided on which show might be able to meet our criteria during the fall season. Our standards have been set quite high, so it will come to pass that some seasons hold nothing of interest for our authors. This may be one of those seasons. Worry not, for we may yet find a show worthy of our attention, but if we do not then we will likely take a hiatus from our colloquium series.

In the absence of our colloquium series we may bring you more detailed looks at Classy anime of the past, or editorials about interesting moments of this season. Our dedicated group will still meet to watch anime together and explore its deeper meaning. Rest assured that we are not derelict in our duties.

Finally, I would like to mention a member of our group whom has yet to contribute to one of our pieces. I speak of the distinguished gentleman known as kevo. Upon learning of our mission, kevo offered his valuable assistance to our cause. While he has yet to directly contribute to the site, his knowledge and expertise was crucial to our Horizon analysis. I mention our esteemed colleague because he has written an article that is truly in the Classy spirit about one of the finest shows of the last few years, Yuru Yuri. I wholehearted recommend that you read it.

Surreal Humor and the Absurdity of Love: Nihilistic Expressionism in Yuru Yuri – by kevo