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It is our pleasure to present to you nothing but the finest in japanese modern visual culture. Our mission at The Classiest Anime is to determine the finest of all anime and provide you with in-depth analysis on these select works. We have assembled the most illustrious team of bloggers so that we may offer you the most thorough reviews possible. As of inception, this blog features the works of draggle, Emperor J, Foshizzel, John Satoredball, Reiseng, and SnippetTee, while Mushyrulez and AbsoluteZero255 have committed to future works.

We hope you enjoy our inaugural series of colloquium posts on the modern masterpiece that is Queen’s Blade: Rebellion. Our current project is an in-depth analysis of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. We look forward to many more projects, and we hope you will join us.